2 hour Shark Fishing Trip

This is the perfect trip for those that just want to escape out onto the water for a couple of hours. The 2-hour Fishing Trip is ideal for families with kids, inexperienced fishermen, or those that just want a chance to get their feet wet. You never know what we ‘re going to see or what could end up on the reel.

$375 for up to 6 People

3 hour Shark Fishing Trip

If you’ve always wanted to catch a shark, this charter is for you! With more time, we’re able to hit some of Captain Jon’s favorite shark-catching spots. He’s caught Hammerhead, Blacktip, Bull, and Lemon sharks. You may even get the chance to snag what we call a ‘line-breaker.” This high-adrenaline tour usually departs in the late afternoon/ early evening, but there’s some morning availability upon request.

$550 for up to 6 People

6 hour Offshore Game & Eating Fish

These tours are especially exciting, as the longer tours allow us to start catching the “eating fish.” You could hook King Mackerel, Barracuda, Grouper, Snapper, and Cobia among many others. We advise that this tour is for more experienced fishermen, as we will go farther out into the Atlantic, spend more time and visit some of the better spots to land the game fish.

$1,100 for up to 6 People

Type Buckingham Landing into your GPS
As you come off the last bridge Hilton Head Island, take the first left
Stay on the main road to the where the dock is located
Parking is on your left

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