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Captain Jon has been fishing the waters off of Hilton Head since 1976, once just a boy enjoying a hobby, later turning his passion into running fishing charters as a career. Catching almost every type of fish in the ocean, Captain Jon not only provides a fun day on the water, but an educational one too.

You’ll enjoy navigating the island seawaters of Hilton Head aboard the “Black Dog” charter boat, and some days may even get the opportunity to meet the inspiration behind the “Black Dog” name, Trey. He is a third-generation labradoodle who loves life on the water, this “Salt of the Sea” can fish with us upon request.

If you’re a brand new angler or are traveling with little ones, Capt. Jon runs a range of short, exciting fishing charters that’ll introduce you to these waters. He’ll also happily show you the ropes and get you set up with your gear. Capt. Jon’s newbie-friendly adventures aren’t boring, either – he’ll have you battling the most notorious species of all, the Shark! With his guidance, even children can try to land one of these beasts.

Our Fishing Charters Include:

2 Hour Shark Fishing Trip

3 Hour Shark Fishing Trip

6 Hour Offshore Fish Trip

Type Buckingham Landing into your GPS
As you come off the last bridge Hilton Head Island, take the first left
Stay on the main road to the where the dock is located
Parking is on your left

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